Waiters / Captain App For Restaurant Orders

Waiters / Captain App Restaurant Tablet Ordering System is wireless restaurant ordering software that can works on Android tablet as well as Windows tablet by waiter or captain. This simple restaurant order taking system is part of large for Restaurant Management System where multiple captain/waiter submit food order simultaneous on multiple table. Waiters / Captain App Restaurant Billing Software is a complete POS Billing and Inventory software where captain has given all responsibility for collecting order from customer table using Tablet or Mobile POS.

Reliable and faster table orders.

Relying on your waiter’s memory is unreliable and using pen-paper is slow. Switch to Waiters / Captain and manage table orders smartly. You can also split and swap tables from the waiter app..

Be in sync with POS.

All Waiters / Captain apps in the outlet seamlessly sync with a central POS Desktop. The cashier operates the POS desktop to record payment and close the order.